Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”

“One of the greatest discoveries a human being makes, one of the great surprises, is to find You can do what you were afraid you couldn’t do.” – Henry Ford.

Your mindset is the beginning to go down that road to success and as Napoleon Hill stated, ‘ whatsoever you can conceive, you can achieve that desire’.When you consider his original piece that contains the word believe, the words here have power to your consciousness – “you must have a willing desire to act upon your conception to manifest your desire”.

First Focus: Your whole business rides on this! The key of your imagination to start to build is your mindset.Many years ago, I started a business from 20 cents for a public phone call, a half a tank of fuel, and one call back at home to a Motorola pager.

Imagine I could do this: One day a thought came to mind to build a little cubbie-house for my children. I really thought this was stupid me, build a small little house for my children, that’s just crazy! I have had no training, any inspiration to build and especially no confidence that I could do it but I took that step- I had a willing desire to act upon what I conceived in my mind for my children.

I went down the back and made a plan where it was going, what materials needed, and how it was going to look. Where am I going to get all these materials and how to start? So I started and measured where the poles were going- ask questions from builders what they use- going to the hardware and seeing how much it is all going to cost. Well, started with the posts got some nice wood and dug the holes and put the poles into place- I still needed the roofing, floorboards,  nails, a good hammer, a drill and drill bits, a heavy-duty extension cord, but I still had no confidence or a willingness that it was going to work.

Second Integrate: One day I was driving around a new estate where houses were built and I saw a builder there. I went and asked him some questions but then a strange thing happened, ‘well I just finishing up and you can have all those materials’- he gave me everything even a good hammer and drill and really good drill bits. My confidence raised so high and I said,’ I can do this.’ So I built a small little house for my children with a small verandah, and a sandpit, plus a dog house. I had a willingness to start but it was only because everything fell in place with getting the materials, enthusiasm , and as those 2 elements came into play  it gave me confidence that I could complete this and manifest my dream to give to my children.

Third Generate: My imagination looked at a goal in advertising and where I saw is people today are looking for a fast and efficient way to distribute their product out to the consumer as quickly as possible and also a wider coverage – So now I started to put into motion my goal to achieve this and so I created my app  where you can advertise your product Locally, Nationally, and Internationally in one day and as you update your details in your app it’s also updated your website in Real-Time. With this I created where you not only have an app where it is on all mobile devices but also on your P.C. as a desktop website. No more waiting for tomorrow – ‘Advertise Today for Today’.

My reason to explain all this, the mindset is our success or failure: “Innovators change things. They take new ideas, sometimes their own, sometimes other people’s, and develop and promote those ideas until they become an accepted part of daily life. Innovation requires self-confidence, ability and a vision of what the future should be”. Henry Ford.

We are all entitled to success and NOW is the time that we all can turn this around to make our dreams come true or Manifest a desire to become successful. Is this our desire or just fantasy?

So F.I.G. – Focus- Integrate- Generate.

on the Ground Floor

If you want to step ahead  MAKE IT SO!

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